Why choose Eara?

*According to a 2024 survey of Eara Explore Li+ Users

Portable Recharging

20 hours of continuous incredible sound with a 2-hour charge time, plus an additional 60 hours of charge from the portable charger.

Never run out of battery again.


Simply take the in-APP hearing test and watch as Explore Li+ programs to the sounds around you.

Adjust programs, volume, frequency, MPO, and noise reduction.

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Bluetooth Streaming

Stream wirelessly into your Explore Li+ hearing aids from any Bluetooth compatible device

iOS, Android, Bluetooth TV, Tablet and much more!

Compact Size, Powerful sound

45 Days risk free trial

We offer you a fully refund, no question asked within 45 days, if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Hear the Difference

Hear every detail, enjoy effortless conversations, and embrace the world around you with confidence.

Empowering Your Ears

At Eara Hearing, our mission is to empower your ears with the best in hearing technology. Introducing the Eara Hearing Explore Li+, a revolutionary hearing aid that combines cutting-edge innovation with unparalleled comfort. Trust Eara Hearing to empower your ears and transform your hearing experience.

New for 2024

Power of Clear Hearing

Discover the power of clear hearing with Eara Hearing's
latest innovation, the Eara Hearing Explore Li+.This state-of-
the-art hearing aid is designed to provide exceptional
sound clarity and reliability, ensuring you never miss a moment.


Revolutionized My Hearing Experience!

I've tried several hearing aids in the past, but the Eara Hearing Explore Li+ has truly transformed my life. The clarity of sound is unmatched, and I can enjoy conversations and music never before.


Comfort and Clarity in One Device

The Eara Hearing Explore Li+ is incredibly comfortable to wear, even for extended periods. The sound quality is crystal clear, making it easier for me to stay connected with my family and friends.


Enhanced My Overall Quality of Life

Eara Hearing Explore Li+ has enhanced my overall quality of life. I can now enjoy the little sounds that I had been missing out on, from birds chirping to the laughter of my grandchildren. It's truly remarkable.


A Game-Changer for My Daily Life

Switching to the Eara Hearing Explore Li+ has been a game-changer. I no longer struggle to hear at work or in social settings. It's discreet, powerful, and has made a huge difference in my confidence.



Frequently Asked Questions

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